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After joyfully sitting on and crushing a house and its occupants, Page's attention is drawn to an approaching car. She smiles in anticipation.

The shocked driver tries desperately to stop, but is too late as Page's giant hand reaches down to claim him. Giggling, she pushes the car around like a child's toy, then getting rather bored decides to use her feet.

The terrified driver looks on helplessly as Page's giant toes caress the car. Then she starts to push and pull the car with her foot. The driver screams in fear as he tumbles around inside.

Page then decides to get more personal and lifts the car up to her face to get a better look at her latest victim. She giggles as she watches him tumble and scream.

Eventually the driver can take no more of her torment, and forcing the door open leaps out, plummeting to the ground. Page being somewhat disappointed that her fun has been interrupted, decides to crush the car into a tiny ball of metal.

She then drops the crumpled wreck to the ground and crushes it and the driver under foot. She enjoys the sensation of the driver's body squashing beneath her foot.

During all of this drama, Page's 'boyfriend' looks on and wonders what she has in store for him.

Page kicks the remains of the car up the road and turns her attention back to the boyfriend...


Length of movie: 10 minutes

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After destroying two houses and crushing several people, Giantess Page turns her attention to a small house, terrifying the desperate couple inside. Her giant boobs caress the roof, slowly and playfully breaking the tiles and the roof timbers. Giantess Page enjoys this game for a while, but when the roof turns out to be too hard she decides to let her bottom do the work, and simply turns around and sits on the house.
The woman who has managed to escape tries to warn her partner who is afraid of coming outside.
Page giggles as the house is easily crushed under her weight.
The man inside, mesmerized by the size of Page's breasts, is crushed under her gargantuan bottom.
The woman stumbles over some fallen timber and is squashed flat under Page's huge hand.
As Page happily surveys the havoc she has wreaked, her attention is drawn to an approaching car. She smiles...


Length of movie: 11 minutes

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Since she has been playing with this village and its people all day without eating anything, she is quite hungry now and looks for some tasty morsels.

In the remaining three-storey house she finds what she is looking for. Her new boyfriend is watching her, being impressed by her power and cheering her all the time.

The building becomes her dinner table with several dishes. She chews her screaming little meals slowly and with pleasure and delight, not caring about arms or legs falling off and tumbling down from her mouth. When nobody is left, she crushes the house under her giant boobs and leaves the completely ruined area with her boyfriend on her hand.

Length of movie: 15 minutes

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After taking a wash in a nearby lake Skadi comes back to the half-crushed village with clean hands, legs and feet feeling invigorated and ready for more mischief.
Firstly, she has great fun in tearing a house to pieces with her feet very, very slowly.
She then spots a man in a house and decides to have some fun with him.
She cleans herself with a tree ripped from the ground.
She then spots a young and handsome man dozing on his balcony. She walks over to him, giving him a seducing view of her charms.
Just like in a fairy tale she grants him a wish.


Length of movie: 22 minutes

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Skadi engulfs a whole house with her long legs. With her feet she grabs a man, gives him a rough massage and rubs him into pulp. Then she steps on another house and carelessly squishes the people inside.

Then she scissors a building between her muscular thighs and crushes it without any effort. When she picks up a whole house, you can see the bulging muscles of this professional body builder woman. She shakes it and does not care about the doomed people falling out and down to the ground.

She drops the house and sits down on another one, a solid one, which, however, soon collapses after a few rough movements of her big, curvy ass.


Length of movie: 17 minutes

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The Giantess continues her stroll, walking over trees between the houses and crushing them carelessly under her big feet.

She kneels down in front of a house, bends down, crushes the roof with her gigantic tits, breaks up the walls and grabs two men from inside. The first one she crushes to a pulp in her hand, the second one she holds upside down, puts him inside her slip and later throws him away.

Then she goes to sit on a house, bends over another one. Her swaying breasts slowly destroy the roof, then she grabs the angry but terrified owner, lifts him up, crushes him between her massive boobs and throws away his useless body.


Length of movie: 14 minutes

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gtspage 1gtspage 3gtspage 2


While she is talking to her new boyfriend Tom, two men in the street are shooting at her. She turns around, crushes the first one under foot and chases the other one up to his house. Leaning onto his house, her boobs put pressure on the roof. When he complains about her boobs, she misunderstands him, takes off her bra, takes it over to her boyfriend and comes back. On her way, another house gets completed destroyed by her careless feet. Now she enjoys the full sensation of her bare breasts crushing the roof very slowly while the little man is getting more and more desperate. When she is done with the roof, she crouches down, her thighs scissor the building and make it collapse. Then her feet are doing the final job of flattening the ruins. In the end the little man also becomes a victim of her destructive action.


Length of movie: 10 minutes

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Giantess Page is on her way into a city. Attracted by the skyscrapers, she carelessly plants her feet into houses on her way. Her toes press in walls, her legs tear down roofs, and her foot crushes a house with one kick. People not paying attention are flattened and stick to her soles. A man in the sixth floor is suddenly confronted with her approaching hand, which easily breaks the wall to extract him from the building. While she is very gentle with him, two men in the street attack her with guns, but only one of them gets away and manages to escape behind a house.


Length of movie: 6 minutes

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Whilst strolling in the mountains one day, Giantess Skadi happens upon a small village.

The Giantess decides to amuse herself for a while; much to the consternation of the tiny inhabitants, whose futile attempts to escape her curious feet only heighten her enjoyment.
A man washing his car unwittingly becomes involved in her first artistic endeavour.
The entire situation is a joy to the Giantess, and is accompanied by her gleeful laughter and broad smile of contentment and happiness.

Length of movie: 15 minutes

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never stare 1never stare 2never stare 3

When Giantess Olga is walking uphill towards a village, the people sense her coming and step out of their houses into the street. When she finally arrives, they are staring up at her. With a hypnotic ray from her eyes she makes them freeze on the spot. Since they are immobile now, she has her fun tossing them around with her feet or hands, using them for ball games or simply stepping on them, walking over them or twisting her foot in the gore. There is no place to hide, not even under a park bench. She also tears apart houses and furniture with her toes and fingers, very slowly to make her joy last longer. When she leaves the village with a happy smile on her face, everything is in ruins and she has had a perfect rampaging day.

Length of movie: 25 minutes

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never-walk never-walk2 never-walk3

Olga is at it again... this time destroying this quiet village just for the fun of it. Houses, cars, streets... everything she places her enormous feet on gets crushed like a toy.

Length of movie: 27 minutes

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eve 1eve 2eve 3

For her birthday, Eve gets a cream cake - and a surprise box -  from her mother. When her mother is gone, Eve opens the box and finds some interesting toys. She has quite some fun playing with them all day and also enjoys the cake. At the end of the day she has consumed ALL her presents.

Length of movie: 30 minutes

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